Tiber River, Rome
Tiber River, RomeHo New/Reuters

A homeless Muslim illegal immigrant in Rome reportedly saved the life of an Israeli woman last week.

The woman is believed to have been trying to commit suicide by jumping into the Tiber River. The man, 32-year-old Sobuj Khalifa from Bangladesh, saw her fall from a bridge and jumped in the polluted river to save her.

Reports indicate that the woman is recovering well from her near-death experience.

Khalifa has been living in Italy for the past eight years, though he has been homeless since 2011. He has been surviving by making €50 ($57 US) per week selling roses to restaurant patrons and umbrellas to passers-by. He did not even keep the full €50 for himself, but instead sent some of it back to his sick mother in Bangladesh.

Out of appreciation for his brave act, Italian authorities gave the Khalifa a permit to remain and work in the country. As an expression of thanks, Roma's Jewish community is trying to find him a home and a job. In a televised interview he said, "I am not a hero. God wants us to help everybody."