Migrants Disembarking
Migrants Disembarking Reuters

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists are being smuggled into Europe, a Libyan advisor told BBC Sunday, with cooperation of gangs in the Mediterranean. 

Abdul Basit Haroun stated that smugglers have been ferrying jihadists to Europe among migrants on refugee boats, with ISIS authorities in North Africa allowing the smugglers to continue their work in exchange - as well as in exchange for half their income. 

Haroun insisted that the plan is being carried out due to European Union (EU) police not checking who is and who is not a migrant during naval inspections, and that ISIS terrorists often sit separately. 

The EU border control agency Frontex admitted earlier this year that it was possible jihadists were using migration routes to infiltrate European borders.

Both Egypt and Italy have warned Europe about terrorists sneaking into its borders on refugee boats, but several experts have waved the warnings off as being motivated by political agendas.

In Egypt's case, for example, one expert told BBC that the cries are being seen as an attempt to gain international intervention. 

According to BBC, 218,000 people crossed the Mediterranean by boat in 2014 and migrated to Europe from Africa. As many as 60,000 people have made the trip in 2015. 

The flow of migrants from Africa gained international attention last month, after two boats carrying hundreds of people capsized in the ocean waters. 

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