Arab riots in eastern Jerusalem
Arab riots in eastern JerusalemFlash 90

It was cleared for publication on Thursday that the Israeli Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) had thwarted a stabbing attack being planned against security forces stationed at "Bet Ovadia" in Shiloach, near the City of David in Jerusalem. 

Through the course of the ISA's investigation into the matter, a number of terrorists were arrested in the Shiloach (Silwan) neighborhood of the capital, including one youth. 

The main detainees are: Muhammad Nasser Ahmad Abbasi, 21, a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist, and Murad Muhammad Odeh Kostiro, 20. 

During his interrogation, Abbasi admitted to the ISA that a month ago he had recruited a minor to reconnoiter security arrangements at Bet Ovadia in Shiloach, as part of preparations to carry out a shooting attack on guards in the building. 

Later, after receiving the youth's information, Abbasi decided to carry out the attack with a knife and an axe, hiding the weapons in both his own home and the home of his grandfather. 

Additionally, Abbasi admitted to manufacturing pipe bombs and firebombs, which he then sent to PFLP terrorists, guiding them to throw the bombs into Jewish homes in Shiloach.

The detainees admitted to various other acts of terrorism and gave information on dozens of activists in Shiloach, involved last year in riots where firebombs, fireworks, and stones were thrown at Border Patrol forces, police, and civilians. 

One of the detainees also admitted to throwing stones at police officers and visitors to the Temple Mount during 2014, and implicated several other Shiloach activists, involved in throwing stones at visitors to the Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery.

Indictments containing serious security-related charges against the detainees are expected to be filed in coming days