Nissim Ze'ev
Nissim Ze'ev Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Former Shas MK Nissim Ze’ev predicted on Wednesday that a government with 61 MKs will be short-lived.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Ze’ev said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s new coalition “is a narrow government, which is real trouble, it's 61 MKs which is unstable. Even if there is an attempt to bring back Liberman, you cannot count on him. He has proven it in the past."

Ze’ev, who was ousted from the Shas party by chairman Aryeh Deri, said that Netanyahu failed in the way he conducted the coalition negotiations, explaining, "I think the Prime Minister at the beginning of the negotiations did not properly treat his natural partners and created a crisis of confidence.”

“There is no real partnership, even if there is common ground on political issues, there will be friction,” he predicted. “The Prime Minister neglected Jewish Home and negotiated unilaterally with the haredim, and it’s no wonder [Naftali] Bennett was hurt and became aggressive.”

Ze’ev also said that he believes that the appointment of Ayelet Shaked as Justice Minister, as was announced earlier Wednesday, is meaningless.

"Her hands will be tied at the Ministry of Justice, because when you are a minister in charge of a portfolio, you cannot act against the system,” he said. “Lack of trust within a government office could paralyze everything. And besides, Kahlon is waiting around the corner and he will not let all kinds of laws related to the judicial system pass.”

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