Gaza terror tunnel
Gaza terror tunnel Flash 90

The IDF has finally pledged to investigate repeated warnings that Hamas is rebuilding terror tunnels into Israel via the Gaza Belt, Channel 10 reports Wednesday - after months of media exposés and complaints from locals. 

Kibbutz Nirim invited a private security company to investigate the situation after the IDF repeatedly brushed off complaints, causing a media storm.

Now, the IDF appears to have made the decision after the backlash, according to the news agency - as well as after the security agency reported that there is a "70% chance" Hamas is rebuilding the tunnels in the area, based on an examination of the affected ground. 

The IDF has issued a letter to all Nirim residents advising them of a military investigation into the claims, and added that the findings would be publicized.

Last month, Palestinian Arab sources revealed that Hamas had intensified its tunnel-digging, using heavy machinery to accelerate the process. 

Evidence that terror activity has resumed has been lingering for months, but this is the first time the IDF has pledged to seriously investigate the claims.