New IDF bahad training bases in Negev
New IDF bahad training bases in Negev Kobi Gideon/GPO/Flash 90

The IDF's military police school is moving to the IDF's long-delayed new training base compound in the Negev this week, and will be the first group to take residency at the compound which contains eight bases.

Already last week the force began settling into the training base, and this week the staff and students are expected to arrive.

"We view the transition as a huge opportunity," said the military police base's commander, Lt. Col. Avichai Mibar. "We were chosen to serve as pioneers in the transition, and that comes after the extensive preparations we did in the past two years. This is a great historical merit, and we feel with honor the responsibility placed on us as pioneers."

At the buildings of the new bahad 13 (lit. training base 13), simulators meant to aid in training for various policing missions have been built, along with study classrooms outfitted with advanced technological tools.

In the training compound the logistic missions, such as cleaning, kitchen and guard duty, will be conducted by a civilian concessionaire.

Thanks to the fact that the students at the training base will not need to be responsible for cleaning, cooking and guard duty, it will be possible to cut their training by between five and 15%, a significant move given that the IDF is planning to reduce mandatory service for male recruits in non-combat roles by around four months.

Additional units will join the military police at the training base in the near future.

"Today everyone who walks about the base has a blue beret," said Mibar, referencing the beret color of the military police. "I'm sure that after the (other) bahadim enter we'll find fields to cooperate on - running drills together, holding joint courses, or exchanging lesson plans."