Seized polyurethane tubes
Seized polyurethane tubes Nitzana Crossing Customs

A gag order was lifted on Monday morning revealing that smuggling attempts on illegal goods such as parts needed in constructing rockets that originated from Egypt have been blocked at the Nitzana border crossing in the past two months.

The latest smuggling incident that was caught occurred two weeks ago, when inspectors located and seized 1,200 tubes of polyurethane hidden in a shipment of silicone.

Polyurethane has been forbidden from entry to Gaza given that it is used by terrorist organizations to produce rocket propulsion materials.

The latest incident is just the most recent in a string of attempts since the start of March, when two similar incidents occurred.

A shipment of paint cans arrived at the Nitzana crossing in early March, with inspectors discovering that a portion of the cans had a forbidden hardening material HARDNER professionally concealed within them. The material can be used to create rocket propellants. 

A nearly identical attempt to smuggle HARDNER into Gaza via paint cans was also foiled in mid-February.

It was also revealed that in early March a shipment of dried foods raised the suspicions of inspectors, and an in-depth inspection revealed 200 kilograms of smuggled rods of crude sulfur. Sulfur is forbidden from import to Gaza given that it can be used to produce weapons.

Hamas has been revealed to be actively rearming and reconstructing its infrastructure of terror attack tunnels into Israel.

It has also been busily producing rockets given that Israel has been blocking the influx of weapons into Gaza. For this reason there have been massive smuggling attempts to bring in goods used to produce weapons domestically.