Huwara attack
Huwara attack Michal Marzel

Gedalya Peled of the Samaria community Esh Kodesh spoke to Arutz Sheva on Tuesday about the terrorist attack he survived the day before, in which Arab terrorists hurled a firebomb at his car at the Arab village of Huwara near Shechem (Nablus).

Peled, who was lightly wounded in the attack, recalled "I was driving at four in the afternoon towards home, from (IDF base) Bahad 3 towards (Kfar) Tapuach, and during the trip (I was) in the village Huwara."

"When the car was in the center of the village a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the vehicle," he recalled. "The window was open because the air conditioning had broken down. I saw the burning rag and I tried to reach it and get it out of the car.

"I undid my seat belt and suddenly the bottle burst into flames with incredible speed; I took my bag and phone and ran from the car," said Peled.

As dozens of hostile Palestinian Arabs gathered around him in the center of the village, Peled called up security forces.

"I contacted the (emergency) hotline and reported the event, within two or three minutes army forces arrived, it was really very fast," he said. "Even before that an Israeli car stopped there, so that in total I stood there (alone) for just a minute."

Peled said he doesn't even want to think what would have happened if his children had been on board.

"It's a central route that connects the mountain ridge, this is really a serious incident," the terror victim noted. "The car was completely burned and the feeling is very difficult and humiliating - you stand there outside your car that's burning like a torch. I'm the father of four and that's a difficult feeling."

Calling for action, he said, "the time has come for the army and the government to treat Molotov cocktails and rocks like gunfire."

"The children know basically what happened, and on Shabbat I will bless the gomel," he said, referring to a blessing said after surviving a life-threatening ordeal.