Arab rioters in Jerusalem (illustration)
Arab rioters in Jerusalem (illustration)STR/Flash 90

An Arab terrorist on Sunday evening attempted to steal the weapon of a guard at a bus stop near the town of Eli in Samaria's Binyamin region, in just one of a series of “minor” security incidents that took place over the course of the day.

In the bus stop incident, a 19-year-old Arab from Shechem (Nablus) attempted to grab the weapon of a security guard. The guard was part of a patrol that was in charge of security in the area. The Arab was detained by several of the guards, and he was taken to a nearby police station for questioning.

In a separate incident, an Arab prisoner in the Ketziot security prison attempted to steal the weapon of a security guard. The Arab attacked the guard with a can opener, and managed to scratch his face before being stopped.

The prisoner is jailed on terror charges, and is a member of Islamic Jihad. He had been sentenced to serve in prison for a year after being convicted of attacking an IDF soldier. The terrorist was taken to solitary confinement, and will be charged with attacking a guard.

In yet another security incident, Arab attackers threw stones at the Jerusalem light rail traveling near the Shuafat area. No one was wounded, but there was damage to one of the cars on the light rail. Rioting, meanwhile, continued in the nearby A-Tur neighborhood, as Arab rioters threw stones and firebombs at police and security officers.

A terrorist who plowed down four people in his car on the Kohanim Route in A-Tur on Saturday night was arrested by intelligence officers and Border Patrol guards Sunday. The perpatrator is a resident of the Shuafat neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem.

A policewoman in her 20s was moderately wounded in that attack; the three other officers are lightly injured.