Naftali Bennett at Mekor Chaim yeshiva high s
Naftali Bennett at Mekor Chaim yeshiva high s Flash 90

A poll released Sunday shows that the religious Zionist public by an overwhelming majority prefer to see Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett as Education Minister, as reports indicate a coalition deal has been sealed whereby that will happen.

The poll, by the Mesaker organization, was taken of a scientifically-determined sample of 400 adults who identified themselves as religious Zionists.

A total of 72.3% said that they preferred to see Jewish Home in the Education Ministry, as the most important of four ministries that the party should demand. Second on the list was the Religious Affairs Ministry, which 47% of those polled felt the party should demand. Third was the Justice portfolio, which 44% felt was most important.

Separately, the poll showed that a clear majority were in favor of demanding the Religious Affairs Ministry – but 50% said that Jewish Home could give that post up in return for a “fair trade.” With that, 37% said that the party could not compromise on that office.

Reports over the weekend said that Bennett is set to become Education Minister, a position he is prepared to accept after giving up his demands of the Defense or Foreign Ministry portfolios.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Jewish Home MK Yinon Magal said that the Education Ministry was something Jewish Home had considered from the beginning. “Over the course of coalition negotiations, Naftali Bennett examined the Education portfolio and came to appreciate it – to the extent that he has decided that this was the portfolio he personally wanted."

"Education may not be the highest-profile ministry, but there is no question that it is one of the most important," said Magal.