Avi Nissenkorn
Avi Nissenkorn Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is on the verge of forming his fourth government, but not everyone is happy with the direction its taking. 

On Saturday night, the Chairman of the Histadrut (General Federation of Labor in Israel), Avi Nissenkorn, called for the immediate establishment of a unity government between Likud and the Zionist Union. 

"I look at the situation and I don't understand," Nissenkorn said during an appearance on Channel Ten's "Central Headquarters" program. "There must be a unity government. Our government at this time needs to be one of unity. You see the economic, social, political situation, and this period requires sitting together." 

"I think the party heads need to take responsibility, the Prime Minister needs to call the Chairman of the Opposition and should seriously consider the Opposition [in his government]," Nissenkorn added. 

Although noting that he had talked to party leaders, including Zionist Union (Labor) head Yitzhak Herzog, about a unity government, Nissenkorn shied away from revealing their, presumably negative, responses. 

Instead, he stressed: "It is my opinion that a unity government is the right thing for the people of Israel."

"When you look at the political, economic, and social challenges, as well as the divisions within the country, the most correct and most stable government [to deal with such issues] is a unity government," the Histadrut head added. 

While there were a swirl of rumors in the weeks following last month's general elections that Netanyahu would end up forming a unity government, they have begun to die down as Netanyahu appears to be finalizing coalition agreements with right-wing and haredi parties.