Election disappointment. But can Naftali Bennett bounce back?
Election disappointment. But can Naftali Bennett bounce back? Flash 90

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett informed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Saturday evening that he wants to be named Education Minister.

Netanyahu will reportedly weigh the request and reply within the next 48 hours.

Bennett held meetings in the last few weeks with former education ministers and former Education Ministry directors, as well as school principals, in order to become acquainted with the portfolio.

Earlier reports on Channel 2 said that Bennett will keep his job as Economy Minister and probably also be named Minister of Strategic Affairs instead of Yuval Steinitz.

MK Ayelet Shaked of the Jewish Home will be Minister of Culture and Sport, and Uri Ariel will be Minister of Agriculture.

There is still wrangling over the Religions Ministry between Shas and Jewish Home, but according to the report, the general assessment is that Shas will receive the ministry.

The Jewish Home's MK Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan has been mentioned as a Deputy Education Minister or as Head of the Knesset's Law, Constitution and Justice Committee.

Kulanu head Moshe Kahlon will receive the Finance Ministry as expected, and has already begun to work, holding a meeting with the heads of the Budget Department in order to prepare a two-year budget that will include reforms in housing and banking, and the implementation of the recommendations of the Alaluf Committee for Fighting Poverty.

MK Yoav Galant (Kulanu) will be Minister of Housing and Construction, and Kahlon will receive the Planning Directorate, which is currently part of the Interior Ministry. Shas's Aryeh Deri will be the Minister of Interior.

Moshe Yaalon will remain Minister of Defense and Avigdor Liberman will remain Foreign Minister. Either Gilad Erdan or Yuval Steinitz are expected to be named Education Minister.

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