President Shimon Peres, World Economic Forum
President Shimon Peres, World Economic ForumFlash90

Former president Shimon Peres went "job hunting" for work post-presidency in September, and he has finally gotten a pretty good offer. 

According to The Marker, Peres recently signed a contract with Bank Hapoalim, in which he will be paid $30,000 a month to help promote the bank's affairs. 

Neither Peres not the bank commented on what specific services he will provide Bank Hapoalim. 

An adviser to the former president, though, said that "[Peres'] contract with the bank is based only on promoting the bank’s businesses overseas and Peres does not intend to deal with any matter related to the bank in Israel – [such as] legislation or lobbying." 

However, some still estimate that Peres will be helping Bank Hapoalim prepare to combat possible legislation by incoming finance minister Moshe Kahlon, who aims to create more competition in Israel's banking system. 

In any case, sources close to the former president stressed that unlike other former senior officials, the Peres' income and profits are directed toward philanthropic projects. 

All his work - which is not done in Israel, but only abroad - goes toward promoting peace, international dialogue, and Israel's status as a "startup nation," the sources added. 

Peres will also be the guest of a honor at Bank Hapoalim's anniversary event in New York at the end of May to mark 40 years of operations in the United States. 

Millions of shekels are being invested in the event, which will be held at the Museum of Natural History on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and will also feature former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani.