Actress Anat Waxman
Actress Anat Waxman Arutz Sheva: Flash 90

Likud condemned the half-apology of actress Anat Waxman for her anti-Likud and racist tirade last week, noting Saturday night that she refused to retract the racist bent of her remarks. 

"The tears Anat Waxman shed in her interview with Rina Matzliach [on Channel 2 - ed.] do not negate the fact that she refused to apologize for the racist content of her words tonight," the party said in a statement, condemning her for only apologizing for her "tone of voice." 

"This is unsurprising," Likud continued. "The repulsive condemnation Waxman stated against millions of Likud voters were not made in a vacuum and not accidental."

Likud then connected her statements to similar remarks from poet Yair Garbuz, who came under fire during the elections for condemning Sephardic Israelis as uneducated "mezuzah kissers." 

"Leftists cannot even think about the fact that the one million citizens who voted for Likud did not do so due to social or ethnic considerations, but to its commitment to national security and a realistic picture of the political, social, and national situation in the Middle East and Israel," it added. "This community sees the threats and challenges facing Israel, it sees the momentum of development in North and South, and supports the determined, balanced and responsible leadership of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu."

"The arrogance, racism and vulgarity of her speech on the pretext of 'freedom of speech' is reflective of the way of some left-wing activists deal with the loss of power and loss of confidence of the people," it concluded. "Anat Waxman and its members will continue to curse the name of freedom of expression. We will continue to maintain and develop the state and society for the benefit of all citizens and citizens of Israel."