A haredi soldier from the 'Netzach Yehuda' track in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) was verbally attacked Thursday by a group of haredi extremists in Beit Shemesh, an explosive Facebook video revealed.

The haredi men - who attacked the soldier during Holocaust Remembrance Day - cursed the soldier and called him a "Nazi." 

The soldier himself stressed that this is an extremist minority that does not represent the haredi community as a whole.

Col. (ret.) Jonathan Baranski, a former battalion commander for the unit, spoke about the video on Army Radio on Friday morning.

"It can't be that a soldier goes out in uniform in the heart of the State of Israel and receives this response," Baranski fired. "Dozens of people were in the street watching and no one did anything." 

Last year, the IDF publicly confirmed that officers and soldiers living in hareidi neighborhoods - many of them themselves hareidi - have been subject to physical and verbal abuse

Beit Shemesh has seen attacks on soldiers before, and several neighborhoods are hotbeds of hareidi extremism

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