Shalom Yohai Sherki was killed in the attack
Shalom Yohai Sherki was killed in the attack Israel Police

Police interrogating an Arab driver who ran over and killed 25-year-old Shalom Yohai Sherki in Jerusalem Wednesday night say they are increasingly convinced the act was an intentional attack.

Jerusalem police say both their interrogation of the suspect - who has not yet been named - as well as other aspects of the ongoing investigation into the incident all point towards a terrorist attack as opposed to an "accident".

Suspicions were raised immediately following the incident, with police sources saying they suspected the apparent attacker may have been looking to murder Jews specifically on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Nevertheless, police say the investigation is still ongoing.

The apparent "car terror" attack also left a woman - believed to be Sherki's date or possibly fiance - seriously injured.

Shalom Sherki's funeral will take place at 5:00 p.m. today (Thursday) in the Jerusalem suburb of Givat Shaul.

He was the son of the popular Rabbi Uri Sherki, a prominent religious-Zionist scholar, and a brother of Channel Two journalist Yair Sherki. 

Friends and teachers at Sherki's former school in Bet El - where he worked as a youth counselor following his IDF service - expressed their shock and sorrow at the loss of "such a special person."