Binyamin Netanyahu, Aryeh Deri
Binyamin Netanyahu, Aryeh Deri Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly offered the post of Transportation Minister to Shas chairman Aryeh Deri on Tuesday, as coalition talks continue to develop.

The move is apparently meant to defuse tensions after Deri and Kulanu head Moshe Kahlon both demanded control of the Planning Administration in the Interior Ministry.

By making the offer to Deri, Netanyahu seems to be set to give Kahlon the Planning Administration.

The offer of the senior post to Deri was made during a long meeting on Tuesday between the two, although according to Channel 2, Deri has yet to respond to the offer.

Earlier there were signs that Deri was to receive the post of Interior Minister, which would include control over the Planning Administration.

However, Kahlon, who is anticipated to be appointed as Finance Minister, demanded control of the Administration, defining it a "tool" needed to allow him to conduct his planned financial reform, which is to include a reduction in skyrocketing housing costs.

Kahlon and Netanyahu met on Sunday for a "decisive meeting," according to sources close to the two.

The two reportedly worked out all of their differences and reached an agreement on all topics, meaning a coalition deal between Likud and Kulanu is expected as soon as Deri answers Netanyahu on the Transportation Ministry offer.

In response to the reports, Shas released a statement saying "we won't comment on specific portfolios."

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