Funeral of Rabbi Chaim Grenimann in Bnei Brak
Funeral of Rabbi Chaim Grenimann in Bnei Brak Yoni Kempinski

Magen David Adom (MDA) medics monitoring the funeral of Rabbi Chaim Grenimann in Bnei Brak have treated at least 15 injured attendees, MDA revealed to the press Sunday afternoon - despite a heavy police presence intended to keep order. 

Of the fifteen - who were treated for a variety of maladies, including fainting, feeling unwell, and physical wounds - one, a young man of about 20, fell from the walls of the cemetery where he was standing to watch the procession and suffered light to moderate injuries to his limbs. 

He was treated at the scene and has been transported to local Maayanei Hayeshua hospital for treatment. 

United Hatzalah medics were also at the scene. A spokesman for the organization noted Sunday afternoon that the winter weather prevented the usual rush to treat dehydrated attendees, but added as well that many of the injured had slipped on wet pavements. 

The young man injured from his fall broke his leg, he added; another of the injured suffered an epileptic seizure.

Hatzalah volunteers gave him immediate medical treatment, but the patient refused to be transported to hospital for further tests; he later suffered another seizure, and Bnei Brak mayor Hanoch Zeibert was forced to escort the man to his home instead. Zeibert then returned to the funeral. 

Earlier this month, four people were critically wounded by being trampled during the funeral as some 100,000 mourners surged towards the stretcher bearing the body of Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wosner. 

Two of the injured, 18 year-old Yitzhak Samet and 27 year-old Mordechai Gerber, died from injuries sustained during the incident. 

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