18 year-old Yitzhak Samet, who was fatally injured Saturday night after being trampled at the funeral of R' Shmuel Wosner, was laid to rest at the Mount of Olives cemetery on Wednesday. Thousands attended his funeral. 

The procession began at the Tolodot Aharon yeshiva (Torah study academy) in Jerusalem at 3:00 pm. 

Samet was one of four who were critically wounded by being trampled during the funeral as some 100,000 mourners surged towards the stretcher bearing the body of Rabbi Wosner.

A police investigation has indicated that due to the massive crowds Samet fell on the stairs at the exit from the Hochmei Lublin Yeshiva as the stretcher was brought out, and was consequently trampled.

He was given medical treatment at the scene by rescue teams before being evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in extremely critical condition, suffering from severe damage to his lungs and suffocation evidently caused by the pressure of the pushing crowd. The blockage of air inflicted brain damage.

The medical teams continued to provide him with medical treatment ever since the incident on Saturday night, but were forced to pronounce his death on Wednesday afternoon.