Site of the stabbing attack
Site of the stabbing attackFlash 90

Tomer Lan, an IDF soldier in the Homefront Command's Tavor Brigade, recounted how he neutralized and killed the Arab terrorist who stabbed him and his comrade on Wednesday morning.

Tomer, who was lightly wounded while his friend was seriously wounded in the attack, recalled "the terrorist didn't say anything, he just gave out a cry."

"I knew it was a terrorist - I saw the knife, I heard the shouts of my friends from inside the car," said the soldier of the attack, which took place near the village of Sinjil in the Binyamin region in southern Samaria.

The lightly wounded soldier, who serves as a medic, explained that "in the morning hours we were on our normal mission and I was out of the car. A Palestinian came up to us and passed by me. He didn't look suspicious. He went on for another 100 meters - and disappeared."

"Several seconds later he turned back, returned in my direction, and when he was several meters from me he started to run at me while shouting and whipped out a knife," he recalled.

Tomer was stabbed twice in the back and fell on the rocks; "at that time he went into the car where my two friends sat and tried to stab them too. I was on the ground but I got up, cocked my weapon, pointed it at him - and I shot and killed him."

Before Tomer was able to shoot him, the terrorist had managed to stab another soldier in the neck, seriously wounding him.

According to Palestinian Arab media reports, the terrorist is Mohammed Jassem Karakra, a 27-year-old resident of Sinjil.

Magen David Adom (MDA) medical teams were called to the scene and provided treatment to the seriously wounded soldier before airlifting him by helicopter to the Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem while unconscious and on artificial respiration. Tomer was also brought to the hospital for treatment.