Niv Assaraf, who faked his own kidnapping - but why?
Niv Assaraf, who faked his own kidnapping - but why? Facebook

The Israel Police in Be'er Sheva have responded to claims from fake 'abduction' prankster Niv Assaraf on Monday, after Assaraf said in his post-release press conference that he had staged the abduction to disappear 'off the grid' after threats were made to him - and after the police did nothing.

"These claims are unfounded," a police spokesperson stated to NRG Monday evening. "There is no complaint registered by Assaraf to the Be'er Sheva police, and if there were it would be investigated as required."

Police also denied knowledge of threats against Assaraf in general, specifically by mafia officials.

"These details are classified, and a matter of privacy and confidentiality, and we cannot expand on the issue," the spokesperson said.

Both Niv Assaraf and accomplice Eran Nagauker were released from police custody on Monday, but only under several conditions. 

Nagauker called the Moked 100 police hotline to report Assaraf missing on Thursday, claiming he had entered the hostile Arab village of Beit Anoun to get spare parts due to a flat tire.

The call prompted a mass IDF search that cost hundreds of thousands of shekels; Assaraf was later found alive and safe, hiding in a ditch.