Moshe Kahlon
Moshe KahlonFlash 90

Kulanu and Likud have reached some sort of an understanding if not an outright deal, sources involved in coalition negotiations between the two parties told Haaretz on Sunday. 

According to the sources, other coalition partners in the midst of negotiations with Likud must present their budgetary requirements to Kulanu for approval. 

An understanding was apparently reached after furious Kulanu negotiators expressed their displeasure at Likud's intentions to commit to the budgetary requirements of other parties, which would cost hundreds of millions of shekels. 

These commitments were being reportedly handled behind the back of designated finance minister and Kulanu chair Moshe Kahlon. 

Negotiations between Likud and Kulanu, meanwhile, continue. Despite reports of a good atmosphere, the parties have had trouble buckling down and moving forward with a final deal. 

Likud officials charged last week that Kulanu's inflexibility was hindering their chances of becoming the first party to join Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's fourth government. 

"We wanted Kulanu to the be the first party we signed a deal with," an official explained. "It's only natural that Moshe Kahlon, who is expected to Finance Minister, will be involved in our economic agreements with other parties."

"But Kulanu's negotiating doesn't seem to understand this and refuses to be flexible with its demands," the official accused. 

"We definitely don't intend to wait for them," the official added, noting that the party "will sign agreements with the haredi parties and Yisrael Beytenu" first if they have to.