Arak heavy-water nuclear plant (file)
Arak heavy-water nuclear plant (file) Reuters

Reacting to the framework nuclear deal announced by US President Barack Obama on Thursday, World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald S. Lauder warned there is a good chance Iran will breach the deal and use it to its advantage in pursuing nuclear weapons.

"I fear a scenario in which, in ten years, we will have resuscitated the Iranian economy without curbing Iran’s nuclear arms development," said Lauder.

The reference to ten years comes after Obama outlined the deal includes a ten year limitation on uranium enrichment, a 15 year limit on building new nuclear facilities, and guidelines on transparency to be in effect for 20 years or more.

Lauder said doubts remain regarding how much Iran can be trusted to implement the deal.

In unveiling the deal, Obama said it wasn't based on "trust" but rather inspections that would ensure Iran was keeping the bargain - according to Lauder, it is unlikely the Islamic regime's covert nuclear weapons program, which features numerous underground facilities, can truly be monitored and halted.

"This agreement must also achieve a practical result: it has to ensure that all necessary safeguards are maintained against any deviations by the Islamic Republic," he said.

"Iran must prove beyond doubt that it is willing to implement all aspects of any agreement prior to the lifting of sanctions; failure by Tehran to honor the details of an agreement in full, or any renewed attempts to pursue a covert nuclear weapons program, must immediately trigger new, stronger sanctions and render this agreement null and void," said Lauder.

The WJC president concluded, "a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a grave threat to the wider world and trigger a dangerous arms race in the Middle East. We must not let that happen by putting too much faith in this regime."

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