Hamas supporters (file)
Hamas supporters (file) Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

In the latest example of what is becoming a trend of Israel bashing seen in British media, a Muslim columnist for The Independent has come out with a new article Sunday slamming the Jewish state for being "more wicked" than the Hamas terrorist organization.

The columnist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, has a history of calling Israel "racist" and apartheid" according to Honest Reporting (HR), but the pro-Israel group assesses that she outdid herself in her new piece calling Israel worse than the Gaza-based terror group, which has the genocide of Jews written into its charter.

The very opening blurb of Alibhai-Brown's article reads "Hamas is a wicked and dangerous force in the Middle East. But Israel is now more wicked and dangerous."

In her article lionizing leftist Jewish opponents of the Jewish state, she opines "some still do censure the racist Israeli state, but carefully. Many don’t speak out because criticism of Israel provokes defensive Zionist fury and bolsters diehard anti-Semites."

"Many of us Muslims are caught in the same bind: if we condemn Islamicist ideologues, defensive Muslims get furious and anti-Muslim hatred is boosted," she asserted.

Noting on the comparison, HR pointed out there is "no moral equivalence between Jews criticizing the actions of Israel and Muslims criticizing Islamist terror. Zionists defending Israel are not the same as 'defensive Muslims' justifying the ideology or actions of Al-Qaeda or Islamic State terrorists."

Alibhai-Brown then turns her pen on the Holocaust, writing "Jewish thinkers and writers in the US, UK and Israel are now questioning the way the Holocaust has been cheapened and used to justify inhumane policies and actions (in Israel)."

"The only cheapening of the Holocaust is caused by those such as Alibhai-Brown who contend that there is some moral equivalence between the slaughter of six million Jews and Israeli treatment of the Palestinians," HR rebutted.