A video that appeared to show an unborn baby making hand-clapping motions as his mother and father sang “If You're Happy and You Know It” turned out to have been "lip-synced."

The video has been a huge hit, with over 2 million views in four days.

The mother, Jennifer Martin, gave an interview to Inside Edition after receiving hundreds of messages from all over the wrold, some of which doubted the veracity of the amazing video.

Is the video real? "It is and it isn't,” she explained. She and her husband, Scott, had gone in for the ultrasound, “and the baby clapped three times on screen. Not to the music, just clapped three times."

Just for fun, the doctor then rewound the tape and the couple sang "If You're Happy and You Know It" to their baby's claps, as Scott videotaped the screen.

So while the baby was not responding to the mother's singing in any way – the clapping motion was real.