Yinon Magal
Yinon Magal Flash 90 / Moshe Shai

MK-elect Yinon Magal (Jewish Home) continued over the weekend to assert that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did not promise his party the education portfolio, as reported in several newspapers. 

However, on Channel Ten's "Central Headquarters" program on Saturday night, he went even further, alleging that Netanyahu didn't offer Jewish Home any ministerial positions in the next government. 

"Until elections, we had a terribly heroic prime minister, who sent thanks to residents of Judea and Samaria. But, after the elections, he delays the negotiations and doesn't offer anything to the Jewish Home candidates. Everything is spin."

According to Magal, this is yet another sign Netanyahu will abandon Jewish Home and instead try to form a unity government with his election rival, Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog. 

Magal was also soured by the prospect of Yisrael Beytenu chair Avigdor Liberman becoming foreign minister again. According to the former Walla! editor, Liberman did not support Netanyahu during the elections and tended more toward Herzog. 

Therefore, Magal charged, Jewish Home will find itself as "a fighting opposition to the policies of the left."

Also in the studio was Likud MK Gila Gamliel who denied Magal's accusations, before stressing that Netanyahu wants a center-right government. 

She also turned the tables on Magal, asserting that the Jewish Home's demands, particularly for the public security portfolio, were over the top. 

"What is there to do when you received so few mandates? Find some proportions," Gamliel blasted. "Likud is the one who received a quarter of the seats in the Israeli Knesset and we are not leading negotiations in the media." 

Gamliel also addressed Kulanu chairman Moshe Kahlon, and his grievances with the ruling party. According to Gamliel, Kahlon will indeed receive the finance portfolio, but will not be offered chairmanship of the Finance Committee. 

The position is still open for discussion, however, she added.