Cornell University may be getting a new club - an Islamic State training camp.  

During a conversation with an activist posing as a Moroccan student, Cornell's assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, was receptive to all suggestions about bringing ISIS to campus, the New York Post reported. 

The conversation, recorded by the undercover activist for Project Veritas on March 16, sees Scaffido casually agreeing to bring an ISIS "freedom fighter" to conduct a "training camp" at the university in upstate Ithaca. 

"Is it OK to bring a humanitarian pro-Islamic State Iraq and Syria group on campus?" the undercover asked, to which Scaffido replied, "Sure."

The undercover also posed the suggestion of bringing “a freedom fighter to come and do like a training camp for students.”

"You would be allowed to do something like that. It’s just like bringing in a coach, to do a training, a sports trainer or something,” Scaffido responded, bizarrely likening brutal terrorists to a sports club. 

Also not a problem, according to the assistant dean, is support for terror organization Hamas. 

“The university is not going to look at different groups and say, ‘You’re not allowed to support that group because we don’t believe them’ or something like that. I think it’s just the opposite. I think the university wants the entire community to understand what’s going on in all parts of the world,” Scaffido said.

The university was quick to backtrack from Scaffido's statements in the video, telling the New York Post that while difference of opinions is welcomed, an ISIS training camp goes far against university policy. 

“Cornell fully supports the free exchange of ideas and does not review or control the political ideology of our students. We do not, of course, tolerate unlawful advocacy of violence, and the comment about training by ISIS freedom fighters does not reflect university policy,” said Joel Malina, Cornell’s vice president for university relations.