Ayelet Shaked, Naftali Bennett
Ayelet Shaked, Naftali Bennett Flash 90

Even though his party took a “hit” in the new Knesset, Jewish Home head Naftali Bennett is sure that the party will have a “positive impact on the next government." 

"Now that the elections are over we can say our thoughts loudly. We raise our heads for our beliefs, as Israel has. The nationalist camp has won," Bennett said Thursday, adding that coalition negotiations were already underway.

Bennett also praised voters for choosing parties that will enable Binyamin Netanyahu to build a rightist coalition. “It's true that Jewish Home will have fewer seats, but the national camp was the clear winner,” he said.

That win, Bennett said, came against all odds. “When you take into consideration the foreign money, the NGOs, the media, the false polls – all that conspired against us – only then can you appreciate the immensity of this victory." 

"People asked me if I was upset that some of our votes went to the Likud,” Bennett said. “I say just the opposite. I am proud of the Religious Zionist voters, observant and otherwise. They are all our brothers.”

Speaking to Likud members, Bennett also praised them for “adopting the stances of Jewish Home. Let us now stand together in the front, dealing with the challenges we all face – keeping the Land of Israel safe, protecting the Torah, supporting the IDF, helping those in society who need assistance, and raising a generation who will love their homeland. We are not sitting on the back bench, we intend to be up front, helping to steer.”

Earlier, Jewish Home MK Ayelet Shaked said that her party expected to be an important partner in Binyamin Netanyahu's new government, and that the party would seek the Public Security portfolio, among others.

It's not a condition, it's a demand,” Shaked told Army Radio Thursday. “Religious Zionists gave of their blood and guts to elect Netanyahu,” and now the community expects to be compensated. 

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