Ehud Yaari
Ehud Yaari Nati Shohat , Flash 90

Channel 2's Middle East expert, Ehud Yaari, who has been reporting on Mideast affairs for over 45 years, predicted in a Friday newscast that the election of a government headed by Labor's Yitzhak Herzog will have immediate repercussions on Israel's borders.

"If a government headed by Herzog is established,” he said, “I will not be surprised if there is an attempt by the Iranian-Hezbollah-Hamas side to test it, very early on,” Yaari said in the weekly news roundup, Ulpan Shishi.

Yaari was challenged by veteran security affairs reporter Ronny Daniel, who claimed that Israel's actions are determined by the defense establishment and not by the prime ministers.

Yaari insisted on his position, explaining that “Shiite forces under Iranian command, which were brought from Iraq and Afghanistan as well, continue to bomb from the air very close to our border.” Whoever sits in Israel's prime minister's office, he explained, “will have to decide – do we let them settle down near the border or not.”

Daniel countered that Israel has already decided not to let the hostile forces “settle down” near the border, but Yaari warned that the actions currently being taken by the enemy are much more serious than the action that prompted the IAF attack in January that killed Hezbollah's Jihad Mughniyeh and an Iranian general.

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