Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel Amir Levy/Flash 90

Charges have been filed against Otzma Yehudit representative and Ha'am Itanu candidate Baruch Marzel, Walla! News reports Wednesday - just six days before the 20th Knesset elections. 

The Judea-Samaria District Police filed the charges in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Monday, alleging that Marzel attacked a Palestinian Arab in 2013. 

According to the indictment, on February 8th of that year, Marzel entered the home of Hevron resident Issa Amro as the activist was passing through to visit the Cave of the Patriarchs and began attacking the Palestinian for "unknown reasons" after Amro demanded he leave. 

Amro pushed Marzel out of his yard, attracting the attentions of soldiers. Marzel managed to strike Amro's leg before being fully apprehended, allegedly causing permanent scarring. 

Marzel's press office responded that the indictment's timing was too pat. 

"The timing the police selects to file this indictment is amazing, proving our claims that the police are politically motivated and are looking to pursue and harass people on the right," he stated. "There are those who would do anything to harm my entrance to the Knesset, but in spite of this, I will be an MK, I will work for the people of Israel and the Land of Israel." 

"It's amazing [Balad] MK Hanin Zoabi has not yet been indicted for all of her grave acts," he added, referring to her direct collaboration with Hamas. "But on the other hand, they're trigger-happy with me."