Jewish Home chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett spoke about Iran on Al Jazeera last week, where he stated that the Islamic Republic is run by "liars." 

"If it happens, not only will Israel be harmed, but the whole Middle East will go nuclear," Bennett warned. 

When asked what the solution could be, he said it was "very simple." 

"Ratchet up the sanctions and make Tehran understand they have an either/or situation," he said. "Either you go for a bomb or you have an economy. You can't have both."

"If you continue making a nuclear bomb, your economy will fall apart under the stress of these sanctions, together with the tanking oil prices," he continued. "The point is that we're so close to this situation [. . .] that if we just persist in applying these sanctions, Iran will have to give up its nuclear program." 

Bennett also shot down the interviewer's questions on why Iran cannot be trusted. 

Calling Iran 'liars,' he noted. "They've already violated six Security Council resolutions that forbid it to even have one centrifuge, and today they have 19,000 centrifuges."

"If someone lies again and again, you don't trust them," he added. "And the notion that somehow, this time around, we can trust Iran, is ridiculous."