Baruch Marzel
Baruch Marzel Flash 90

Yachad-Ha'am Itanu candidate Baruch Marzel creatively formed a new initiative against Jewish discrimination, born out of a campaign by the Coalition against Racism which politicians were asked to affix their signatures to. 

Marzel has decided to take the campaign in a different direction, calling on party representatives to sign a treaty against racism toward Jews in Israel. 

"I call on all those who boast about their work against racism and all the enlightened organizations whose members are combating racism to sign a treaty against the racism faced by Jews," Marzel said. 

"The Coalition against Racism does not speak about racism and apartheid in Hevron where 97% (of the city) is forbidden to Jews. When price-tag attacks happen, they scream and shout, but when a synagogue is burnt down, they're silent," he continued. 

"Just last Shabbat, 'Death to the Jews' was sprayed on a synagogue in Ramle, but you didn't see anyone of those people calling out against racism."

Marzel's attack is particularly targeted to lawyer Nadal Othmaan, the head of the Coalition against Racism, one of the people responsible for trying to have Marzel barred from running for the Knesset - on the basis, says Marzel, of racism. 

"I already filed a counter position against the Coalition against Racism, after they tried to disqualify me as a candidate for the Knesset. Their petition was rejected by a majority of eight judges. Like I said at the hearing in the High Court: I'm not a racist, I'm an activist against all the activists working against the state of Israel, the soldiers of the IDF, Jews and Arabs alike."

Marzel concluded that while some may try hard to prevent him from becoming a member of the Knesset, "in defiance of all the enemies of Israel, I will enter the Knesset and work against Israel's foes."