Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Two days before Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech before the United States Congress, and criticism is not letting up. 

On Channel Two's "Meet the Press" Saturday night, Yair Lapid attacked Netanyahu for his upcoming address and for escalating conflict with US President Barack Obama's administration.

"What interests Netanyahu is political survival and not the state," the Yesh Atid Chairman and former Finance Minister charged, before denouncing the Prime Minister's trip to Washington.  

"It's not a bet on Israel's security, the damage has already been done," Lapid warned. "This trip, above all else, damages and hurts the struggle to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear threshold state."

"[This trip] has ensured that there is no majority in Congress against the upcoming agreement with Iran. With his own hands, Netanyahu has allowed this terrible agreement the likelihood to pass."

According to Lapid, Netanyahu's rift with Obama could cause the White House to boycott Israel, thereby endangering the Jewish state. 

"Netanyahu knows this speech won't help," Lapid accused. "He has ensured that we've lost the Democrats - half of the United States."

Although Lapid refused to say whether he would join Netanyahu's coalition after the March 17 elections, he had nothing but contempt for the incumbent Prime Minister. 

"I do not decide for the citizens of Israel. If they choose Netanyahu to be prime minister again, it will be unfortunate. This man should not be prime minister."

Lapid was also not so complimentary to Netanyahu's major opponent - Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog. 

Noting both Netanyahu and Herzog's absence from Thursday night's political debate, Lapid accused the two of not participating out of cowardice and said he disdained them for it. 

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