Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu
Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu Flash90

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino said Sunday morning that there may be grounds for a criminal investigation against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara. 

Speaking at a ceremony for new police appointments held at the Ministry of Interior, Danino referred to former Netanyahu employee Manny Naftali, who is suing the couple for abuse, and who was just granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony.  

"On the fact of it, there is room for an investigation on the basis of Naftali's testimony, but we should allow the Attorney General to examine all materials and evidence. He's the one who should make the decision."

Evidence will also include a recent report published by the State Comptroller, which found the Netanyahus spending exhorbitant amounts of money on - among other things - take-out and cleaning services. 

Legal sources have suggested that if a criminal investigation were to be opened, the Netanyahus would be forced to testify. 

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is expected to decide by next weekend whether to open an investigation based on allegations of financial misconduct at the Prime Minister's Residence. 

According to Walla! the investigation will focus on three cases: Naftali's allegation that Sarah Netanyahu was ordering gifts to be transferred to the Prime Minister's Residence; the plastic bottles incident and the garden furniture affair, in which the Netanyahus are accused of purchasing new furniture for their private home in Caesarea which was intended for the Prime Minister's Residence.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu's testimony may also be required to explain the presence of electrician Avi Fahima, and if there is any connection between his work for the house and activity in the Likud Central Committee.