Arab terrorist arrested (illustration)
Arab terrorist arrested (illustration)Nati Shohat/Flash 90

Five Arab terrorists were apprehended on Friday, roughly an hour before Shabbat began, adjacent to the community of Amona in Samaria which the High Court last December ruled to have destroyed within two years.

Security forces identified the five armed suspects in the El-Mashash wadi (valley) adjacent to Amona.

The security coordinator of nearby community Ofra, an IDF patrol and a representative of the Binyamin Regional Council security department, quickly deployed and arrested the terrorists on the spot.

Near the site an Israeli car had been damaged by gunfire, as a bullet struck the front windshield, and in addition a hunting rifle was found at the site. The suspects were taken in for investigation.

Regarding the orders to destroy Amona, there has been no evidence presented for the Arab land claims against the town and not even an Arab claimant; further, large parts of the community have been legally purchased.

Despite the snow on Friday from the snowstorm engulfing Israel, Arab terrorists hurled rocks at several locations in Judea and Samaria.

Adjacent to Shiloh in northern Samaria rocks were thrown at Israeli cars but no damage was caused. Also at the incline leading to Psagot north of Jerusalem rocks were hurled and damage was caused to one car's windshield.

In Jelazoun adjacent to Beit El and Kfar Kadum in Samaria there were Arab riots, as their opposition to the state of Israel apparently overcame the low temperatures and snow.