Bennett sticker defaced, Jerusalem
Bennett sticker defaced, Jerusalem0404

The security detail protecting Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett will be strengthened following threats against his life and repeated provocations by leftists at events in which he participates.

Bennett will be accompanied by bodyguards and the peripheral security surrounding him will also be beefed up.

Bennett sharply rebuked the Left after activists once against crashed a Jewish Home event at the Haifa Convention Center Wednesday, and blamed Israel's media for enabling the hatred.

"The media can stop this and calm the spirits,” he wrote on Facebook. “Buji – the writing is on the wall, and you can stop this and calm the spirits.”

Alluding to Herzog's famed decision to remain silent in an investigation of Labor campaign corruption some years ago, Bennett added: “You do not have the right to remain silent. When leftists, including members of your government, take part in violent events against my party, you may not remain silent.”

Bennett said that when he arrived at the Jewish Home event Wednesday, the security detail would not allow him to enter. “Almost 30 minutes of arguments” with the security detail followed, with the security men “telling me that there is danger to my life if I enter an event being held by my own party, because of the radical leftist activists who entered the hall.

When the event began, shouting and violence by the leftists began, and the security people asked to take me out of the hall. I refused, and refused once again.”

Bennett noted that two days ago, leftist activists drew swastikas on stickers with his likeness on them. “They gave me a Hitler mustache in the streets, an event after which it was decided to provide me with personal bodyguards. Earlier this week I was forbidden from entering an event at an academic institution in certain hours, 'because there are Arabs at the same time and security-wise, you cannot be allowed into the event.'

That is not all. A Channel 10 journalist compared me to a fascist leader, a journalist in The Marker says that 'I have the blood of five soldiers on my hands.' In the Haaretz conference a few months ago, hundreds of leftists shouted 'fascist' and 'murderer' at me and force was even used against me. The organizers did not denounce the occurrence – after all,” he added sarcastically, “it was just Left-on-Right violence.”

And we still haven't talked about Ayelet Shaked,” Bennett added. “Only in the last few days, someone wrote her before she was supposed to appear at a panel: 'You had really better not come to the Gimnasia Harealit [high school] Sunday – or I will carry out a Stalin-style purge against the Jewish Home people.”

The violent leftists dress up as someone different every time – once they are activists for public housing, once LBGT activists, once organizations against the occupation. But there is a one small problem, these are political activists, and they include activists in Buji's Labor party.

All of their violent events are planned, documented, everything is written, everything is saved. I know, if a group of right wingers went to crash leftists' events, and provoke violence there time after time, they probably would already be under administrative detention somewhere, and the media would probably be agitated. But I really have no expectations.”

Bennett summed up by stating: “I am a representative of the public. Our public cares about this nation, opposes a Palestinian state and opposes releasing terrorists. I will not give up a centimeter of the Land of Israel. The violence by leftists will not change my schedule by one millimeter, no one will silence us. No one.”