President Rivlin
President Rivlin Mark Neiman / GPO

President Reuven Rivlin said Tuesday that following the March 17 elections, he will give the first chance to assemble a coalition to the MK with the best chances of doing so successfully.

In this, he is essentially confirming Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett's claim, that the size of the nationalist bloc matters more than the size of Likud, in determining whether or not Binyamin Netanyahu will get the nod to form a coalition.

Rivlin was answering questions presented to him by Haaretz Editor Aluf Benn, at the Haaretz Democracy conference. Benn asked him if he would task the head of the largest faction with assembling a calition, or the person who received the recommendation of the most parties.

"Israel's constitutional law is clear to me,” he replied. “It is clear to everyone that the MK who will receive the opportunity to establish a government is the one whom I will think has the best chances, after consulting with all the factions.”

"If there are factions that try to evade answering, I will not let go of them until they reply,” he said. “These are clear matters. There will not be any surprises in this matter, although there were times in the past when I was considered a surprising person too.”