Not a 'terrorist'? Charlie Hebdo killers pose for the camera after the slaughter
Not a 'terrorist'? Charlie Hebdo killers pose for the camera after the slaughterReuters

The Islamic State terrorist group urged Muslims on Monday to carry out new attacks after the targeting of France's Charlie Hebdomagazine, in a recording by its spokesman posted online, AFP reports. 

Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, referring to attacks in France, Australia, Canada and Belgium, encouraged "Muslims in Europe and the infidel West to attack the Crusaders where they are" with any means available to them. 

The ISIS leader recommended Muslims to carry out attacks through suicide bombs, or to commit shootings, stabbings, rock-throwing, and even plain kicking and punching.

"We promise that in the Christian bastions they will continue to live in a state of alert, of terror, of fear and insecurity... You have seen nothing yet," the recording said.

He added that the group would consider as "enemies" those Muslims who were able to carry out such attacks but failed to do so.

al-Adnani also promised that Muslims would soon meet again in Jerusalem and Rome, having successfully won back these holy cities. 

The threat is just the latest instance in which the terrorist group has urged Muslims to carry out attacks in the West.

It comes after 17 people were killed in deadly assaults on January 7-9 in Paris against the Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher supermarket.

Of the three attackers, only one appeared to have pledged allegiance to Islamic State, but the group endorsed the killings in the message.

It also made reference to attacks last year in Australia, Canada and Belgium.

Western intelligence agencies have regularly raised the alarm about the possibility that Western sympathizers of ISIS and other jihadi terrorist groups could carry out attacks in the West.

Their concerns have been heightened by the thousands of Western recruits who have flocked to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside ISIS.