Arab rock throwing terrorists (file)
Arab rock throwing terrorists (file)Issam RImawi/Flash 90

Arab terrorists hurled rocks at Israeli cars driving adjacent to the Arab town of Al Muwaeer to the east of Shiloh in Samaria on Wednesday, wounding a female IDF soldier with their attack.

The soldier fortunately was only lightly wounded, and did not require medical treatment.

Along with the rock throwing, Arab rioting also broke out at the scene.

Around a month ago riots occurred at Turmus Aya located adjacent to Al Muwaeer, with Arab protesters clashing against IDF forces and claiming that two Jews threw rocks at cars and homes on the edges of Al Muwaeer.

In the clash convicted terrorist turned Palestinian Authority (PA) minister Ziad Abu Ein died of a heart attack.

PA accusations of "murder" were thoroughly debunked as video of the event showed he was not struck by soldiers, and that an IDF female medic even offered him potentially life-saving medical care which he refused.

After being extradited from the US, Abu Ein was given a life sentence in 1982 for murdering two Israelis - Boaz Lahav (14) and David Lankri (16) hy''d - in Tiberias in 1979 by planting explosives in a store. He never served his sentence, being released in the Ahmed Jibril prisoner swap deal in 1985 just three years later. 

Most recently he held a post leading the PA committee against "settlements," after previously being the PA Deputy Minister of Prisoners' Affairs where he channeled funds to jailed Arab terrorists, until the PA shifted the ministry's responsibility to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to hide the funding of terrorism from foreign donors.