Fatah Facebook post of bus bombing
Fatah Facebook post of bus bombingScreenshot/Fatah Facebook page

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party has glorified terror against Jews and Israelis yet again Monday, according to Palestinian Media Watch - just one day after Abbas participated in an anti-terror solidarity march in Paris. 

Fatah's official Facebook page posted a photo of a battered bus (above) Monday, adding:

Here Dalal [Mughrabi] raised the Palestinian flag at the front of the bus used by the heroes of Martyr (Shahid)Kamal Adwan's group. They drove with 90 hostages inside it from Haifa to Tel Aviv, but the Zionist forces refused to negotiate with them. They fought a fierce battle that lasted from afternoon to evening on March 11, 1978.

The photo is accompanied by the Fatah logo - a grenade, and guns crossed with a map of Israel as "Palestine." 

During the 1978 attack, Mughrabi led a group of terrorists from Lebanon to Israel, where they hijacked a bus and killed 37 Israeli civilians, among them 12 children. Fatah has honored Mughrabi before on more than one occasion, taking to Facebook to glorify the attack during March of this year.