The Arab terrorist responsible for a stabbing attack last month which left two border policemen has been arrested, police revealed Sunday.

Musa Mohammed Ajlouni, a 20-year-old resident of Jerusalem's Old City, was arrested a week and a half ago on suspicion of carrying out the stabbing attack at a security checkpoint near the Lions Gate several days beforehand.

Video of the incident - released Sunday by police after a gag order was lifted - shows the terrorist approaching the two border policemen from behind and violently attacking them. The two policemen, taken by surprise, can be seen briefly struggling with him before Ajlouni manages to escape. However, the police recognized him as a local residents and he was finally tracked down and arrested in Ramallah on January 2nd.

Under interrogation Ajlouni admitted responsibility for the attack, and told how he prepared and hid the large knife in advance.

He said he went out on the morning of the attack with the intention of carrying out an attack, and that when he saw the two officers he drew his knife and charged at them. Although he only managed to injure them, he admitted that his intention was to kill.

Ajlouni, who was already known to police, then fled to Ramallah, where he was caught by border police acting on intelligence from the Shin Bet security services.

His detention has been extended until Wednesday pending an indictment against him.

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