Two Israeli girls in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak unwittingly recorded the terrifying moment a rocket warning siren pierced the relative quiet along Israel's southern border with Gaza on Friday.

The video, which first appeared on Facebook and has since gone viral, shows the pair filming themselves chatting while walking through a field. In an instant, the innocent childhood moment is shattered by a "Color Red" siren - the terror captured in the young girl's face as she frantically runs for cover.

Such scenes were a daily occurrence in southern Israel prior to the IDF's Operation Protective Edge operation over the summer. 

The 50-day war inflicted massive damage to the military capabilities of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist factions, destroying much of their rocket stockpiles and launchpads and returning relative quiet to the south.

But analysts had warned that the failure to decisively defeat the terrorists meant a resumption of rocket fire was only a matter of time.

Friday's attack - which thankfully did not result in any injuries - was the third such rocket attack since the August ceasefire with Gaza, and provoked a retaliatory strike by the Israeli Air Force.

The perpetrators of that attack are believed to be among the smaller Islamist and far-left splinter groups in Gaza, but Israel holds the Islamist terror group responsible for all attacks into Israeli territory given that it is Gaza's de-facto rulers.

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