ZOA head Morton Klein
ZOA head Morton KleinArutz Sheva

The European Union's (EU) removal of Hamas from its terror blacklist sets a precedent for allowing anti-Semitism in Europe to run rampant, Morton Klein, National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), stated Wednesday. 

"This both encourages and legitimizes Islamic terrorism and Islamic murder against Jews and others, and it sends a message to Islamic killers that Europe doesn't care about what they do to Jews," Klein stated in a special interview with Arutz Sheva.

"This is especially astonishing because the Muslims are killing non-Jews in Europe and elsewhere as well."

"It also, of course, gives credibility and legitimacy to Hamas as an organization, even though their charter calls for the murder of every Jew," he continued, citing Article 7. 

"These are Nazis. If you have a charter calling for the murder of every Jew, you are a Nazi. These are Arab Nazis, who proved it by launching six thousand rockets against civilian centers in Israel and creating terror tunnels to murder Jews and calling Jews the most disgraceful names imaginable."

"It sends a message to the world that Europe doesn't care about killing Jews," he said. "It's truly frightening." 

Klein opined that the move will not have long-lasting political ramifications, however - neither for the US nor Israel. 

"When one sees that the US said nothing about Hamas allying themselves with Fatah, and continuing to fund Fatah despite this allowance, it is clear that President Obama's administration will not in any significant way respond to this," he stated. "I don't think America will react in any meaningful way."

"In Israel, of course, it only makes the Israelis realize even more that they have virtually no friends in Europe," he added. "There should be an outcry by every leader in the world against this insanity - this racist, Jew-hating insanity which endangers non-Jews around the world as well."