Knesset elections
Knesset elections Miriam Alster/Flash 90

The Knesset's House Committee has approved for the final readings the bill dissolving the 19th Knesset. The readings will be held in the plenum in the afternoon or evening hours. The approval of the bill by the House Committee means that it has cleared the final hurdle on its way to being voted upon and becoming law. 

The bill was approved in a preliminary vote last week. Once the bill passes in the second and third readings, which are held consecutively, the Knesset will be dissolved and the election campaign will be underway.

The House Committee vote is not surprising. Until Monday morning, most analystsexpected the bill to pass and for elections to be held on March 17, though some reminded of a similar situation in 2012, when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and then opposition leader MK Shaul Mofaz surprised everyone by announcing an agreement on a unity government in the middle of the night, after the Knesset had already approved the first reading of a bill to dissolve itself.

This time, however, a similar move was not expected to occur, as the Yisrael Beytenu party has already rejected the formation of an alternate coalition with the hareidim.

Also approved for second and third readings by the committee was the new Infiltrator Law. MKs will vote on the new version of the law at 4 p.m. Monday, after the High Court nixed a previous version of the law.