Arami family
Arami family Yoni Kempinski

Following the Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) and the Israel Police's decision that Netanel Arami's murder was committed by Arabs for nationalist reasons, the government released Monday morning, in the name and on behalf of the Prime Minister, an official newspaper obituary and condolences to the Arami family.

Family members see the publication as a source of comfort and a step in the right direction, but Netanel's mother stressed Monday that the government is also responsible for bringing the killers to justice, and then executing them.

"I cannot find words to convey the feelings of the family on this terrible tragedy," Miriam Arami, the mother of Netanel hy"d, stated to Arutz Sheva. "Our hearts hurt for the widow and the orphans left without a father, and we hope that the Israeli government makes sure to bring the killers to justice and sentence them to death."

Israel has the death penalty, but has only used it once against Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann. Many have argued the law should be used against terrorists as well.

"Only after we feel that the Israeli government will bring justice to the people who deserve it will we be comforted," she added.

Miriam also stated that the family is still angry with the courts over the case, which has also, thus far, delayed Netanel's burial. 

Attorney Uriel Nizri, who is representing the family, stated in response to the obituary that he expects Netanyahu to make a personal visit to the Aramis to express his condolences, adding that the tough nights the family has had to endure in the murder's wake cannot be undone. 

"The statement by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government is a late consolation," he said, adding that the family has suffered "long and lonely nights" in light of the government's previous denials that the construction worker's murder was a terror attack.

"These nights cannot be taken back," he stressed. "We now expect Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to come comfort the family [himself,] and not be satisfied with doing so via the pages of the newspaper."

Police only lifted the gag order on Arami's death last week.

Initial reports claimed that when police arrived on the roof of the Petah Tikva building Arami fell from they found his ropes cut and Arab workers laughing, but police and other officials have remained tight-lipped on details of their investigation ever since. Police inaction and repeated allegations of a cover-up have sparked public outcry and protests.

New details include the fact that police interviewed three Arab suspects over Arami's death, but they were released from police custody, as "no legal justification was found" to keep them detained while the investigation is still ongoing.

Arami left behind his pregnant wife Moriya and two small children, Eitan and Aviya.

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