Kurdish fighter
Kurdish fighterReuters

An Israeli woman is making world headlines after she joined the Kurdish fighters in Iraq. “I have decided to contribute my share to the Kurdish national effort,” the woman told Voice of Israel public radio.

She has been identified as a 31-year-old olah (immigrant) from Canada who served in the IDF.

She told Voice of Israel that she joined the Kurdish resistance after contacting them through the internet. She left Tel Aviv a few days ago and reached Irbil in Iraq, from which she was taken to the mountains near the border to be trained before being sent to fight. She has crossed the border into Syria, she added.

"I reached the IPG, a Kurdish army in the war against ISIS,” she said. “Now I am about 3,000 kilometers from ISIS.”

Asked what led her to join the Kurds, she replied: “They are our brothers. Good people who love life just like us.” She said that she is undergoing a sort of boot camp and that she has met female Kurdish fighters.