Scene of attack
Scene of attack News 24

Shortly after the lethal attack by Hamas terrorist Ibrahim al-Akri on Jerusalem's Shimon Hatzadik light rail station, in which one man was killed and two others critically wounded, Israeli officials spoke at the scene of the terror attack.

Speaking at the scene were Interior Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich (Yisrael Beytenu), Police Commissioner Lt. Gen. Yohanan Danino, and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

"This is the second attack near the light rail," acknowledged Aharonovich, noting on the terror attack that murdered two at the Ammunition Hill light rail station two weeks ago. He noted that in the current attack, both citizens and Border Patrol officers were wounded.

"Jerusalem is a sensitive city going through not easy times, we apparently aren't going through the last event," said Aharonovich. While promising to work to stop the ongoing terrorism in the capital, he emphasized that a definitive time limit can't be set by which the attacks will stop. He added that he would recommend to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to destroy the house of al-Akri.

Danino then spoke, saying the fight on terror "is a long process. We have to understand that security can't be established in a day." The top police officers said more police would be brought to Jerusalem in addition to the 1,000 officers recently deployed in the capital.

Noting on the fact that the terrorist was shot at the scene by police, Danino hailed the quick reaction by officers. "In every event like this every security officer will end it as this was ended. It's exactly what I expect from every officer in Jerusalem."

He added: "we must return to routine life," saying the public didn't "need to be frightened" with talk of a third intifada.

A Border Patrol captain shot al-Akri, revealed Barkat who took his turn speaking to media at the scene next. The mayor argued that the goal of the terrorists is to stop the daily routine of the capital, and vowed "we won't give them that achievement."

"The police, the Municipality - together we will win the war," he added. Part of that effort includes bulking up security at the light rail stations, which he said is being done even while adding it "cannot be protected all the time from all angles."

He said he "agreed entirely" with calls to demolish the homes of terrorists as a deterrent.

Abbas "drove the car"

Also responding to the terrorist attack in the capital was Likud Central Committee Chair MK Danny Danon.

"Terrorists with blue identity cards (held by citizens and permanent residents alike - ed.) are wandering freely in Jerusalem and doing as they please," warned Danon. "The time has come that the Shabak (Israel Security Agency) and Israeli police change tapes regarding the way to deal with terror organizations raising their heads."

Danon continued "the letter of support by the chairman of the Palestinian Authority for the previous terrorist (who shot Yehuda Glick last Wednesday - ed.) was fuel for the current terrorist."

The PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas "in his path is leading terror attacks on Israeli citizens and Jerusalem residents in particular."

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) also placed the blame on Abbas, saying "Abbas was the driver of the death car in Jerusalem, and the terrorists are only his emissaries. The State of Israel must state with a clear voice that the Fatah-Hamas government is a terrorist authority and we must act against it accordingly."

"There is no Iron Dome against drivers, and the citizens of Israel cannot live without intimidation and sovereignty in their capital city. Security is not a luxury,” Bennett added