Hadas Mizrahi (R)
Hadas Mizrahi (R) Flash 90

A day after the Knesset passed the “Terrorists Law” that allows judges to effectively sentence terrorists to life in jail without the option of parole, and without being released in any kind of “prisoner deal,” the widow of Lt. Col. Baruch Mizrahi told Arutz Sheva that the law is better than nothing, but she would rather see terrorists receive a death sentence.

"I regret to say that the political maneuvers at this time make me feel unsafe,” said Hadas Mizrahi, whose husband was gunned down by a terrorist on Passover Eve. “The state thinks about the terrorists more than about the families they victimize, in a twisted way. I am sorry to say that the terrorists who murdered my husband were freed in the Shalit deal, even before this law was passed.

“My husband was murdered and we were injured physically and emotionally,” she added. “This law is the least that can be done. As long as there is no death sentence, then the least the state of Israel can do for us is to make sure that there is no release, but I again call on the state of Israel to consider the death sentence.”

Hadas and her children were in the car with their husband and father when the terrorist opened fire on it, on the road to Kiryat Arba. “If those terrorists had not been freed in the Shalit Deal, they would not have fired either, and we would have been a different family now,” she said, “yet despite the hardships, we got up and decided to continue to fight for ourselves.”

Hadas expressed similar sentiments in September, at the trial of Baruch's killer.

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