Border Patrol officer checks ID at Kalandia C
Border Patrol officer checks ID at Kalandia C Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Israel has already allowed 500 Gazans to pray on the Temple Mount where Jews are forbidden to pray, expanded the Gaza maritime borders despite systemic breaches, and transferred building supplies despite the rebuilding of terror tunnels.

The Jewish state's latest "gesture" was revealed by Palestinian Authority (PA) interior ministry undersecretary Hassan Ilwi on Monday, who told the Palestinian Arab Ma'an News Agency Israel agreed to let "Palestinians" born abroad to enter Judea and Samaria without a permit.

The agreement will let in children under the age of 14, born to descendants of the Arab residents who left Israel in the 1948 War of Independence who got out to let the Arab armies try to destroy the nascent modern Jewish state

Additionally, the children will be allowed to receive a birth certificate from the PA, and be put on the PA's population register.

Already "Palestinian" children from abroad under the age of five were allowed to enter Judea and Samaria without a permit, but the new "gesture" raises that age level significantly.

"Since 1995 we have registered about 100,000 children born abroad," said Ilwi, noting between 5,000 and 10,000 such children from abroad are entered in the PA population register every year.

The "gesture" comes even as PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas two weeks ago called for terrorism on the Temple Mount, in an uncannily similar call to former PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's pronouncements that sparked the 2000 Second Intifada.

Jordanian citizens of Judea

Ilwi also revealed that Arab residents of Judea and Samaria holding Jordanian citizenship - which nearly all of them reportedly hold - will be allowed to renew their Jordanian passports at the Jordanian Embassy in Ramallah.

"Jordan has agreed initially and the new procedure will take effect by the beginning of next year," Ilwi said, saying the move was meant to aid those who hold Israeli passports and face difficulties entering Jordan due to that fact.

Ilwi added that Jordan agreed recently to make entry from Judea and Samaria into Jordan easier, removing some of the stringent policies at the border.

Jordan has been pushing in the UN Security Council to advance the PA's "diplomatic war" demanding Israeli withdrawals through unilateral moves, and also maintaining the de facto grasp of its Waqf (Islamic trust) over the Temple Mount - the holiest site in Judaism - where it has forbidden Jewish prayer.

After Jordanian King Abdullah II recently pressed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu over talk of allowing Jews to exercise their religious rights at the site, Netanyahu folded and pledged to maintain the discriminatory "status quo."