Israeli officer on Temple Mount (file)
Israeli officer on Temple Mount (file)Flash 90

As a result of the recent escalation of terror and violence in Jerusalem, law enforcement agencies are working Sunday to bring more security forces to the capital. An additional 1,000 Israeli Police and Border Patrol forceswill be on hand to oversee security in eastern Jerusalem. 

Security forcesare expectedto work togetherwith the Tax Authority, the Bailiff's OfficeandJerusalem's Municipality with the intention of dealing withriotersand carrying out enforcement actionsin eastern Jerusalem. 
Police plan to operate in three main sectors of the city - their additional presence lasting at least a month.  

Escalated tensions in the capital were felt all of last week, particularly after Wednesday's terrorist attack, which killed 3-month-old, Chaya Zisel Braun and injured eight others - some critically. The tensions continued last night, when Palestinian youths clashed with security forces in several neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem.

A group of masked menblocked traffic, set fire totrash bins, and threw stonesand Molotov cocktailsnear theBeit Orotneighborhoodof At-Tur. One personwas lightly injured after being hit and required medical treatment. Israel police and Border Patrol forces arrived at the scene and took riot dispersal measures against the crowd. 

In addition, another rock-throwing attack erupted on Saturday evening near the Light Rail stop in Shuafat. The rioters damaged the window of one car, but caused no injuries. Police are still searching for suspects in the attack.

Earlier on Saturday, a number of Palestinian Arab teenagers threw rocks and firebombs at a tractor sent in by the Jerusalem Municipality to Shiloach (Silwan). The tractor was intended to clear trash and debris from the road in order to facilitate the free movement of vehicles for local residents. Border Police officers were forced to use riot dispersal measures at the scene; no arrests were made. 

In the Beit Hanina neighborhood, police identified and caught several young Palestinians planningto throw rocks. The youths were arrested and three of themwere detained for questioning.

Police are also on high alert because of the funeral for Orwa Hammad, who was killed Friday, after lobbing firebombs at Israeli civilians.

The funeral is schedule for Sunday night at 10 p.m. The Jerusalem District Court ordered that 80 family members will be allowed to participate. However, the Jerusalem police are considering appealing the court's decision with a request to postpone the funeral. The say the purpose of the delay would be to prevent the conflicts and disturbances which are expected to occur.